Ticket Design of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

August 1, 2008 – 10:16 am

Ticket of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is designed by the team which was directed by Wang Min, who is the president of the Design School of Central Academy of Fine Arts and director of the Olympic Art Center.
“From a designer’s view, we initially wished the tickets would comprise the features of China as well as the features of Beijing. We hope the audiences would like to keep the tickets in their collections after watching the Games.” Said Wang Min. At early stage of the Olympics’ ticket designing, designers submitted some really interesting plans which considered the purpose for collection and to be characteristic. For instance, we proposed the ticket to have Fuwa characters at the very beginning.

Ticket of 2008 Beijing Olympics’ Opening Ceremony

Wang Min introduces that once they planed a set of tickets which contained 35 events of the matches, with one event on each kind of tickets. “At first we imagined that it would be very valuable for collection when the whole set of the 35 kinds of tickets were collected together.” Later, designers found that such design would be rather difficult in practice despite its visual elegance. For example, 35 different kinds of tickets would be troublesome during production, and might be disturbing during ticket-inspections and information-printing. With the plan discontinued, designers turned to the final-presented design which is more simplified and more functional as well.

Ticket of 2008 Beijing Olympics’ Closing Ceremony

Ticket of 2008 Beijing Olympics’ Volleyball Match

Ticket of 2008 Beijing Olympics’ Handball Match

Ticket of 2008 Beijing Olympics’ Football Match(and spectator guide/envelop)

Refer to the reasons why adopting propitious clouds and the “bird’s nest” as main patterns of the Olympics’ tickets, Wang Min explained, that the propitious clouds is the most fundamental landscape element of the 2008 Olympic Games, and all designers consentaneously thought of adopting the pattern of propitious clouds in the ticket designing. With regard to why adopting the “bird’s nest” on the tickets of the Olympics’ opening ceremony and closing ceremony, it was owing to the “bird’s nest” was the host stadium for the opening ceremony and closing ceremony, and, on the other hand, the “bird’s nest” has become one of Beijing’s landmark building. The tickets’ main colors are chosen to be yellow and red is under the consideration that the two colors were “the most Chinese colors”.

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